Ecommerce 101 - #2 Personality Types

We all know you just want the magic formula on what to sell, how to sell it, and lay back while the money keeps coming in. But before we get to that, we need to establish what kinds of personality and traits I believe you should have in order to succeed.

It's not boring, shut up, it's actually kind of cool. Just bear with me for just a little bit.

Like I mentioned before, people are different. Some may find some of this stuff easy and just comes naturally to them, others need to work on it a little bit, and some people just aren't cut out for the entrepreneurial lifestyle. These are all OK, it takes all kinds of people to keep the world moving forward.

Here I'm going to cover the basics of what your personality should look like in order to make your life easier.

Of course, all of this (the entire course, not just this part) is entirely based on my opinions based on my experience. It doesn't mean it's the perfect solution for everyone, because again, everyone is different.

Now, that politically correct statement is out of the way, let's get our hands dirty.

Here's something you can freely quote me on:

Everyone that says they are a "night owl" because they work best at night, is a moron.

Seriously, everyone I know that says that is living at their parent's house either complaining about the government on facebook or bragging about how much their business/idea/ startup is the next big thing even though they make no money.

That's a very good way to spot a liar by the way. No young person is willingly living at their parent's house unless they are broke.

Of course they are exceptions, like for everything in life, but for the most part, it will be true.

Think about it: you are telling me that a full day of brain activity, and just before it shuts down for the day (aka sleeping), you are at peak activity/productivity?

It makes no sense, and it's stupid.

There are external factors, of course. If you are living with your parents, or with your kids, or with other people in general, the house during the day tends to be noisy and distracting. Some people only get peace and quiet late at night.

But here's a counter-proposal - instead of working late night, take up extra early before anyone else. Sure, it takes a while getting used to, but once you get used to it you'll thank me.

I love mornings, they are the best time. My mind is fresh, the air is fresh and plus, I love all types of breakfast food so that's awesome too. I'd say 80% of my best work/ideas are done early in the morning. The rest of the day is wasted on errands, meetings, procrastinating and dealing with other people in general.

So we established the first recommendation, let's call it that.

WAKE UP EARLY - you'll get the best work done during that time.

Now for the second part - you need to have a constant desire to learn more. Learning should be fun for you, if not, I honestly have no idea what you are doing with your life. For me, life is about experiencing it. I don't want to get religious on you, especially since I'm an atheist, but life is a miracle and filled with wonderful things to do and learn about. The internet is probably the best tool humanity has ever created, because it allows anyone anywhere to access the entire world. I literally just laughed at a post I saw on a facebook page called "Fsensitivity" :

It's funny because it's true. Look at this website, I'm sharing my knowledge with you, for free, and you can access this anywhere you want, at any time you want.

Here are a few YouTube Channels to learn important skills you'll need for your entrepreneurial journey:

GaryVee - He's becoming a little bit too "motivational speaker" that says the same thing over and over again, but still, he gives you great insight on how you should market your business and tells you what kind of energy you should have run it.

Minority Mindset - Awesome videos on how to manage your personal finance. Easy to understand for dummies like me.

Alpha Investments - It's mainly a youtube channel about Magic The Gathering trading cards, but make no mistake: this guy "Rudy" knows his stuff and does make videos sharing his wisdom. He has awesome videos about finance, stocks, and overall teaches you on how to invest in collectibles. He also has a ton of videos about cards (it's mostly that actually) but if you don't like trading cards that's fine you can just watch the other videos.

Wholesale Ted - Do watch these videos if you want, but take all the information with a grain of salt. Honestly it doesn't seem like this person actually has that much experience in eCommerce, but still, she does sum up some of the ways you can make money online. Pro tip: ignore those clickbait titles like "10,000 a month with the passive income" and just take the information you can get, and think about it critically.

Gabriel St-Germain - This guy teaches dropshipping, but this channel is completely filled with valuable information on how to use paid search / paid reach on your online business. Even if you aren't into dropshipping (I don't do dropship for example) you'll get tons of great tips on this channel.

Valuetainment - Awesome general business tips and interviews with successful personalities

Joe Rogan Podcast - I often have Joe keep me company while I work. His podcasts are very entertaining and you learn tons of new things too. You can just hear the audio and ignore the video mostly.

There are a TON more, these are the ones on my subscriber list that I think should be the most helpful at the beginning.

Lastly, there are a bunch of advantages and disadvantages of being your own boss. Obviously not everything is awesome - but depending on your personality type, it will define if you will be able to deal with the disadvantages or not.

Here's a YouTube video I saw just a couple of days ago that sums this subject up better than I would ever do it. I recommend watching the entire thing:

After I watched this I realized something. Everyone that works for themselves belongs to a special, unspoken club. We all relate to the same issues, and that's why this video really spoke to me. I really believe that everyone who is self-employed will see themselves in this video. If you don't, that's fine, hopefully, you will someday. But this should give you some insight on what lies ahead - if this sounds way too scary, possibly being self-employed / making money online as a full-time job may not be for you. In reality, you'll need to actually go through it to really know for sure.

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