I started a Digital Files Store

I want this website to be all-inclusive in terms of what you need to start a business. You won't need any other resource, you just need to read what I have posted here and maybe invest a few bucks on some resources that I'm continuously going to update here.

At my own business, I use a lot of keyword research tools to see what's trending. Personally, since I mostly run a marketing business I use SEMrush but that is probably a little too over the top for a small eCommerce business. It's a very good service and you can access it for free with limited access of course.

Pro tip: since they make you give a credit card to open an account, use your banking software (revolute is great if you have an account there) to create a disposable card with only a couple bucks inside, this way you can create a trial account at Semrush and making sure they can never take money from you if you make a mistake and upgrade to a full account after the trial ends.

These designs were carefully selected based on keyword research, some are trending right now, others not so much. But all of them, used wisely and creatively, will sell.

Some of them may somehow be affiliated with big corporations, but for the most part, I never had problems with these. If you read my previous posts you'll know I mentioned that some companies don't really care. However, you should use these carefully and at your own risk. I can guarantee there are ways to use these creatively to make sales without hurting anyone else (especially yourself) but I won't be held responsible if you use these stupidly and blame be for it. Soon I'm releasing a guide on how to do this properly and fairly without running into any issues.

Buying anything from my store will also support this blog! So big thanks to those who do :D

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