Get Some Context

A lot of tutorial websites don't really give you much insight into who is teaching you. For this specific case, I'll do my best to be 100% transparent. Some things I like to keep private, but mostly the goal here is to teach so who cares.

The Team

We're a team of special people dedicated to eCommerce business. We have been working on marketplaces like Etsy, Amazon and Ebay for ages!

I guess the big difference between me and most people, is that I look at new things like: "ohhh! this sounds like fun, how can I monetize it?". Everything is a business to me because for me business is fun.

If thinking about sales, business, strategy, marketing, and all those things doesn't sound fun to you, go play videogames or watch a movie in your free time. This blog isn't for you.

And that's OK as well, some people are awesome at a specific skill that requires a team, others are best suited to lead those people, and others are better off solo. You just need to find out which one are you.

How do you find out? easy! try them all and see what you like the most.